Boards and Oversight

Grenada/USA Board of Directors

  • President

    Baroness Howells of St. David’s, OBE

  • Vice President & Director

    Calum N. L. Macpherson, PhD, DIC, FRSPH

  • Deputy Director

    Trevor P. Noel, MPH, FRSPH, PhD

  • Secretary Treasurer

    Margaret Lambert, MA

  • Karen Lawson, PhD

  • Allen Pensick, PhD

  • Ellen Ratner, MEd

  • Joseph Feldman, MD

UK board of Trustees


    Baroness Howells of St. David, OBE

  • Sir Kenneth Calman, KCB, FRCSE


    Sir Kenneth Calman, KCB, FRCSE


    Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, KStJ, QPM, DL, FRSA

  • Lord Trees of The Ross, DVM, PhD

  • Richard Summerfield, MB, BChir

  • Neil Poulter, MD

  • Patrick Orr

  • Ex Officio

    Margaret Lambert, MA

  • Ex Officio

    Calum Macpherson, PhD, DIC, FRSPH

Scientific Advisory Board


    Sir Frederick Ballantyne, MD


    John R. David, MD


    John J. Ferguson, MBChB, FRCGP


    Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith, MBChB, FRCP, FRCPath

  • Edmond Fischer, DSc

  • Sir Malcolm Macnaughton, MD, LLD, FRCPG, FRAC

  • Calum Macpherson, PhD, DIC

    Calum Macpherson, PhD, DIC

  • Anselm Hennis, MBBS, PhD, FRCP, FACP

    Anselm Hennis, MBBS, PhD, FRCP, FACP


    Ian McConnell, BVMS, FRSE, F. Med. Sci.


    Hugh Montgomery, MBBS, MRCP, MD


    Baron Peter Piot, MD, PhD, CMG, FRCP


    Neil Poulter, MD, PhD


    Melinda S. Sothern, PhD, CEP


    Richard Scribner, MD, MPH


    M. S. Swaminathan, DSc


    James Hospedales, MB, BS, MSc

Institutional Review Board

SGU IRB members are required to complete the research ethics online training module “Protecting Human Research Participants”, http://phrp.nihtraining.com/users/login.php. Members include scientists, physicians and health professionals, attorneys, clergy, and community representatives across a range of genders, ages, and cultures. At least half are Grenadian citizens and others are long time residents of Grenada.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Federal regulations require that each institution has an Animal Care and Use program to ensure that all animal welfare laws, regulations and policies are implemented and consistently followed at the institution. The IACUC at SGU serves as an oversight committee reviewing all animal care and use programs, facilities and procedures to ensure the appropriate care, use and humane treatment of animals being used for research, testing and education. IACUC is also responsible for establishing guidelines and procedures for animal use and reviewing all animal use protocols. The Chair of the IACUC is Dr. Karin Kalchofner Guerrero, whom is an Associate Professor of Veterinary Anesthesiology in the School of Veterinary Medicine. In 2014, the IACUC welcomed its new institutional official in Dr. Timothy Ogilvie, Dean of the SVM. The policy for IACUC, which was approved in 2013, was implemented in 2014 together with an updated electronic application for review process as well as online training opportunities for researchers based on their particular care and use of animals.