Francis A. Fakoya MBChB, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor of Histology and Cell Biology
Adjunct Research Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine
WINDREF Research Fellow, Windward Island Research and Education Foundation, St. George’s, Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), St. George’s University
Department of Anatomical Sciences

Email: ffakoya@sgu.edu 
Web: www.sgu.edu 
Tele: (473) 444 - 4175 ext. 2485
Fax: (473) 444 - 1602

Areas of Interest

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Reproductive Toxicology, Teratology, Neurochemistry, Natural Plant Extracts, Experimental Developmental Biology


WINDREF Research Fellow

Member, Nigeria Medical AssociationAnatomical Society of Nigeria (Former Assistant Editor of the Society’s official journal), International Society for NeurochemistryInternational Society for Developmental Neuroscience, West African Society of Anatomy, Society of Neuroscientists of Africa, Neurotoxicity Society.

The School of Veterinary Medicine, University of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, Alcohol related hospital admissions in Grenada, Grenada Ministry of Health.

Brief Bio

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Dr. Fakoya attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, and received a MB.ChB. in 1990, a MSc in 1999, and a PhD in 2003. Dr. Fakoya continues to further his education and has received extensive research training in reproductive toxicology, neurochemistry, and cytogenetics.

Since 2007 while at St. George’s University, Dr. Fakoya has held the position of Associate Professor, Histology and Cell Biology, in the School of Medicine, Department of Anatomical Sciences, and served in the capacity of Research Fellow with WINDREF. Since 2008 he has held the position of Adjunct Research Professor, at the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Fakoya is an invited peer reviewer for International Scholastic Journals: Reproductive Toxicology, PLoS Medicine and Journal of Anatomical Sciences (Assistant Editor).

Dr. Fakoya has been invited as Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Neurochemistry, Paul-Flechsig Brain Research Institute, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany, (2001), and as Visiting Senior Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria (2004-2005), where he was the Pioneer Acting Director, Institute of Health Research and Postgraduate Training, Project Director, Laboratory Animal Center, and Senior Lecturer, Department of Anatomy.

During the years 1994-2007 Dr. Fakoya held many positions and served in several diverse capacities with the Obafemi Awolowo University. On a departmental level he has served as coordinator of Year III Medical and Dental Anatomy Programme, Dissection and Embalming Services, and Tissue Culture Laboratory as well as Chief of same. As a faculty member, he has taught Anatomy and Cell Biology and served on several Faculty Boards and Review Panels. On a University level he has served as Representative of Congregation on Health Center Management Board.

Dr. Fakoya’s work experience outside of Obafemi Awolowo University includes positions of Medical Officer, Hassanat Memorial Hospital, Ilorin, Nigeria (1993-1994), Senior House Officer (National Service), General Hospital Kazaure, Jigawa State. (1992-1993),Internship, Wesley Guild Hospital, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ilesa (1990-1991).

Dr. Fakoya has supervised 4 graduate students in their research endeavors and is the recipient of the National Youth Service Corps Certificate, 1993.

Dr. Fakoya’s research focuses on the evaluation of animal systems (in-vivo and in-vitro) for toxicological effects of alcohol and some natural plant products”.

Selected Publications

Akpan H.B., Adefule A.K., Fakoya F.A., Caxton-Martins E.A. (2007). Evaluation of LDH and G6-DH activities in auditory relay centers of streptozotocin-induced diabetic wistar rats. Journal of Anatomical Sciences, 1:21-25.

Bakinde N., Fakoya F.A., Lüth H.J. (2007). Basal forebrain and midbrain raphe origins of NOS-containing axons in the rat visual cortex. Journal of Anatomical Sciences, 1:11-16.

Sowemimo A.A., Fakoya F.A., Awopetu I., Omobuwajo O.R., Adesanya S.A. (2007). Toxicity and mutagenic activity of some selected Nigerian plantsJ Ethnopharmacol, 113:427-32.

Fakoya, F. A., and Caxton-Martins, E. A. (2006) Neocortical neurodegeneration in young adult wistar rats prenatally exposed to ethanolNeurotoxicology and Teratology, 28:229-237.

Selected Projects

Fakoya, F.A. National Coordinator, Grenada National Brain Bee Challenge. with affiliation to the International Brain Bee Championship

Fakoya, F.A. Alcohol Study Group: Evaluation of the pattern of alcohol use, misuse and abuse in Grenada and the impact on prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Fakoya, F.A. Toxicological assessment of natural plants products of medicinal use from Grenada.

Fakoya, F.A. Initiator and primary organizer: Seminars on “Ethical Issues in Animal Experimentation”