Samina Rutrecht PhD

Assistant Professor, Medical Parasitology

Email: srutrecht@sgu.edu 
Web: http://www.sgu.edu/windref 
Tele: (473) 415-2310
Fax: (473) 444-3321



Areas of Interest

Parasitic Diseases, Microsporidia, Cryptosporidia, Evolutionary Parasitology, Zoonotic Diseases



Brief Bio

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Samina Rutrecht received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Zoology in June 2001, from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. Her Honours Thesis titled ‘Influence of the Acantocephalan parasite Polymorphus minutus on the behaviour of Gammarus duebeni (Amphipoda)’. In June 2004 she received a Diploma in Statistics, 1st in Distinction, from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland.

Dr. Rutrecht received her PhD in April 2006 from the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. For her PhD which ivestigated ‘The impact of Nosema bombi on its bumble bee hosts: ecology, epidemiology and the wider context of multiple parasitism’ she was awarded funding from the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology (IRCSET).

Since August 2007 Dr. Rutrecht has held the position of Part Time Assistant Professor in Medical Parasitology at St. George’s University, School of Medicine.

Selected Publications

Rutrecht, S.T. and Brown, M.J.F. (in print) Differential virulence in a multiple-host parasite of bumble bees: resolving the paradox of parasite survival? Oikos

Rutrecht, S.T. and Brown, M.J.F. (2008). Within colony dynamics of Nosema bombi infections: disease establishmet, epidemiologie and potential vertical transmissionApidologie 39, 504-514

Rutrecht, S.T., Klee, J. and Brown, M.J.F. (2007). Horizontal transmission success of Nosema bombi to its adult bumble bee host: effects of dosage spore source and host ageParasitology, 134, 1719-1726.

Rutrecht, S.T. and Brown, M.J.F. (2007). The life-history impact and evolutionary implications of multiple parasites for a bumble bee queens. International Journal for Parasitology38, 799-808.

Selected Projects