HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne’s visit to Grenada

The CCELD Grenada Tour was held from September 27 to October 1, 2015 and brought together 12 emerging leaders from the Caribbean and Canada. HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne as President of The CCELD visited Grenada for a second time. 

The Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders' Dialogue (CCELD 2015) is a not-for-profit organization, established by Canadian and Caribbean alumni of The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conference, which has brought together leaders from diverse backgrounds and occupations to learn from each other and enhance the quality of their leadership and decision-making skills over the last 50 years.

"The objective is for members to look, listen and learn in the hope that the process will help them to improve the quality of their decision-making when they reach the peaks of their occupations." -HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

The Dialogues are built on the proven model of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences. The Princess Royal graciously accepted the position of President of the Commonwealth Leadership Development Conferences in June 2011, upon the retirement of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, who has assumed the role of Patron. In May-June 2011, HRH served as President of the first Caribbean-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (CCELD 2011). She visited several groups during their study tours in the Caribbean, including Grenada, and later met with each study group during the Closing session.

The demand drivers for success in this new world are clear: 

  • Broad global thinking
  • Collaborative leadership
  • The ability to engage and build effective relationships with diverse partners

CCELD is tackling this issue head on. The unique two week in-field Dialogue moves emerging leaders out of the classroom and into communities and workplaces, allowing them: 

  • Exposure to a range of issues from multiple perspectives
  • To see beyond the scope of their regular context in their own organizations and geography
  • To collaborate with team mates and make leadership decisions in a real time setting
  • To be better, more confident leaders


  • SGU and WINDREF Executive with Government Ministers, CCELD Local Organizing Committee members and the twelve CCELD participants following the dialogue session that was held in the WINDREF conference room.

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne tours WINDREF Institute for the CCELD Dialogue

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne bids farewell to Government Ministers, LOC members, SGU and WINDREF executive members

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne with members of the CCELD Local Organizing Committee

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne meets Chancellor Charles R. Modica and Lisa Modica at the welcome reception at the Spice Island Beach Resort.

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne tours St. George’s University with SGU and WINDREF executive (above and below)

  • HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne departs following her CCELD dialogue visit to WINDREF and her tour of St. George’s University