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Caribbean Center for Health Equity

Projects and Programs


Since its inception, the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation has forged partnerships with a myriad of regional and international institutions in a continued effort to advance health and environmental development through multidisciplinary research and education programs. Collaborators include Ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture and Tourism, Universities, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) throughout the globe.

Regional Collaborators

International Collaborators
Regional Collaborators International Collaborators

Current Research Projects

  • Caribbean Corporative Measurement, Reporting and Verification Hub (CCMRV Hub)
  • Research Collaboration with Microsoft Research, Johns Hopkins, and University of Pittsburgh
  • Bioethics of Climate Change
  • Caribbean University Interdisciplinary and Integrated Drug Demand Reduction Project
  • Characterization of Immune Factors of Severe and Chronic Chikungunya Disease in Grenada
  • Community Health Initiatives—Sport for Health, Touch Toes Test, Road Safety, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
  • East Caribbean Bee Research and Extension Center (ECBREC)
  • Eastern Caribbean Marine Managed Area Network
  • Energy for Sustainable Development in Caribbean Buildings (ESD-Caraibes)
  • Genetic Correlates of the Addictive Diseases: Cocaine, Alcohol and Marijuana Addiction in Grenada, West Indies
  • Genetic Diversity and Antibiotic Resistance of Clinical and Nonclinical Isolates of Escherichia coli in Grenada, West Indies
  • Global Virus Network
  • Grenada School Nutrition Study
  • Implementing Renewable Energy and Preventing Land Degradation: An Intervention in the Nutmeg Industry in Grenada
  • Investigation of Disease in Pre-growout Fish in a Commercial Aquaculture Operation in Ecuador and Other Marine Projects
  • Needle Stick Injury Prevention Training for Health Care Workers in the Caribbean
  • One Health, One Medicine Initiative
  • Phylogeny and Evolution of Housekeeping Genes in Marine Vibrio Isolated from the Caribbean Sea, Grenada, West Indies
  • Reach Within
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEF) Initiative
  • Soil Transmitted Helminths and Streptococci infections Among Schoolchildren in St. Andrew’s Parish
  • The Environmental Testing Unit (ETU) at St. George’s University Controls Quality of Drinking and Bathing Waters
  • Undergraduate Research in Genomics Presented Internationally
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) St. George’s Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC)

Recently Completed Research Projects 

  • A video to teach moulage and special effects makeup for trauma simulation
  • Baseline Coral Reef Monitoring Program for Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area Mooring Buoy Installation Project
  • Beta hemolytic streptococci in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Biogeographic distribution and evolution of Gallionella
  • Caribbean EcoHealth Programme (CEHP) & Atlantis Mobile Laboratory (AML)
  • Chest compression competence in CPR among medical students
  • Decoding genome of Ferroplasma
  • Disaster Management in Grenada: Northumbria University Student Research
  • Economic Evaluation Study of Coastal and Near Shore Resources of Carriacou
  • Ethical Issues and Challenges in Global Population Health Research Partnerships
  • Genome annotation in microorganisms and metagenomic libraries as a part of an undergraduate curriculum
  • Grenada Beach waters harbor antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Horizontal Gene Transfer contributed to evolution of Marine Vibrio isolated in Grenada
  • Investigation of disease in pre-growout fish in a commercial aquaculture operation in Ecuador
  • Marine Research Related Activities
  • Molecular identification of marine Vibrio isolated in Grenada
  • Occurrence of Antibiotic-resistant Fecal Indicators in Coastal waters of Southern Grenada
  • Photovoltaic Power Generation Program
  • Reducing Marine Litter in the Wider Caribbean: Developing and Implementing Best Waste Management Practices
  • Student Satisfaction, Comfort and Self-confidence in a Simulation Lab Practice Session Disaster Management in Grenada: Northumbria University Student Research